Suits of Honor

Edward Baumann has always strongly believed in giving back. A wise man once said it is more blessed to give than to receive. So many veterans have sacrificed everything for our freedom. We’re excited to announce that we’ve created the perfect opportunity to finally say thank you. Edward Baumann Clothiers will be spending a year providing a custom suit to a different veteran each and every week. This new program will be called Suits of Honor.

This has all come about because of our Founder’s love of the USA, the greatest country on Earth. We are so extremely honored to announce this new program, Suits of Honor. If you’d like to learn more, or get involved, please feel free to reach out to us through our contact page.

God bless America!

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Men’s Fall Fashion 2016 Preview

Join us again here at EBC for another installment of our seasonal Fashion Preview! Fall is back and with it comes a ton of awesome new style possibilities!

Men’s Fall Fashion 2016 Preview2016-10-11T21:11:52+00:00

Spring 2016 Fashion Preview

Join us for Spring here at Edward Baumann Clothiers. Tons of exciting new styles and colors are here for this season’s clothes.

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Building Your Wardrobe

Building a proper and versatile wardrobe is no easy task. Bob goes over some fundamental tips on how your closet should be structured so you can dress better.

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Proper Pant Length

As clothing trends change, so do the proper ways to wear them! This means that with new pant styles, the way you wear your pants changes as well!

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Pocket Squares and Rounds

Ever wonder when to put in a pocket square and when to wear a tie? What about how to match them? Worry not! Bob is back with another fashion tip.

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White Shirt and Sport Coat – A Timeless Combo

Bob is back with another fashion tip! In this segment, Bob introduces a bold yet simple clothing combination that is not only easy to pull off, but looks amazing as well!

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Why Custom Shirts Are Best

In this video, Bob offers some insight about what exactly makes custom shirts so great. People often misunderstand the advantage of custom shirt.

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Fall Tour

Many of our viewers haven’t actually been able to see how amazing our bar and lobby area looks. The EBC location is designed to be luxurious and tailor to our guests, while keeping them comfortable and entertained. There’s a huge selection of new fall products as well that Bob goes over!

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