After years at war, U.S. soldiers return from the front line to fight another battle, unemployment. It is a tragic dose of reality. They went from leading troops and saving lives to finding themselves without income and desperate to support their families. They face fierce competition in a labor force where demand still outweighs job openings. The impact of high unemployment on returning soldiers has been devastating.
Edward Baumann has always strongly believed in giving back. A wise man once said it is more blessed to give than to receive. Veterans have sacrificed everything for our freedom, and it is our turn to give back and to say thank you. 
We are excited to announce that we have created the perfect opportunity to say thank you, “Suits Of Honor.” Bob and Laura Baumann started this foundation to educate veterans on the importance of their workplace appearance. Most everyone is familiar with the saying, “Clothes Make The Man.” Is it fair? No. Is it true when it comes to finding a job? Yes. 
Clothes do so much more than make a person look good. They give us power! When someone looks like a million bucks, they perform like a million bucks. Their confidence goes through the roof, and it shows to those around them. 
Suits of Honors goal is to put a veteran into a new custom suit, shirt, and tie 26 times a year. Our team spends time with each veteran, teaching them the importance of appearance. We educate them on how to dress for specific occasions, the proper way a garment is supposed to fit, how to take care of their clothes, and so much more. 
If you would like to learn more or get involved, please feel free to reach out to us through our contact page.
God bless America!