We all know that a custom-made men’s suit will never go out of style, but when it comes to colors, fabrics and cuts, this year’s style trends are a little murky. 

As the folks at GQ point out, it can be hard to forecast trends when everyone is tucked away at home, presumably wearing sweats.  So, instead of a true style forecast, they decided to take a different approach this year. 

“Instead of any real era-defining capital-M Menswear Trends, we’re blessing you with an oddball assortment of things we’re really feeling at the moment,” they said. “New stuff we want to wear, old stuff we’ve been wearing forever, weird stuff that brings us joy.”

You should definitely check out the whole list of menswear trends for 2021 that Yang-Yi Goh put together for GQ, but here are 5 of our favorites from that list: 

  1. Good vibe T-shirts are at the top of the list.The path to positivity begins in your T-shirt drawer,” they said. Wherever you can find positivity these days, we say embrace it.
  2. Long-sleeved polos made the list, but not because spring is slow in arriving. “Fitted knit polo shirts are the official uniform of Handsome Movie Stars on Press Junkets for a reason: they’re clean, they’re timeless, they make your biceps pop,” Goh writes.
  3. Bright yellow is another choice that seems intended to boost spirits, but as GQ cautions, remember, “A little squeeze of lemon goes a long way.”
  4. Patchwork shirts we aren’t so sure about but we love the logic they came up with: “There are so few opportunities to put on a button-up these days, you might as well wear five at once.”
  5. Jeans made the list, which made us smile (even if they didn’t specify custom-made jeans). Reports of denim’s demise were greatly exaggerated,” Goh writes. “After a year spent mainly in sweats, the occasional pair of jeans will feel downright novel.”

Basically, you could say that whatever makes you feel good about life is on trend this year. If a new custom suit would put a smile on your face, you know who to contact.