What Does the Best-Dressed Superhero Wear?

It is usually easy to spot the best-dressed man in the room, right? He’s the one wearing a custom-made suit and he’s wearing it with confidence and style. But when it comes to superheroes, they all have custom-made suits, right? (Just not the kind you’ll find here at Edward Baumann Clothiers, the destination for bespoke tailored suits in Dallas.)

Apparently, we are not the first ones to ponder the xx and xx of superhero style. 

Superhero Chic

The folks over at Vanity Fair deemed the question of which superhero is the best-dressed worthy of discussion a couple of years ago. “Batman without his mask is just a man dealing with orphan issues, and Catwoman without her suit is just a burglar: it’s the clothes that separate these heroes from villains,” they pointed out. (Which is superhero speak for “the clothes make the man.”)

Their top 10 list of best-dressed superheroes included: 

  • Iron Man (The magazine dubbed him “science-fiction’s answer to Savile Row.”)
  • Blossom
  • Black Widow
  • Superman
  • Batman
  • Kim Possible (The magazine says, “Her signature combination of harem-cargo fatigues with a black cropped turtleneck suggest a Michael Kors spin on Indiana Jones.”)
  • Catwoman
  • Invisible Woman (A lesson for those of you working from home – even though she can’t be seen, this superhero takes care with her appearance.) 
  • Spider-Man (“Nothing less than the latest smart fabrics for the king of geek chic,” Vanity Fair quips.)

At Stylecaster they not only put together a list of the best-dressed superheroes, they went a step further and called others out with their worst-dressed superhero list. “Just because superheroes take on evil powers (and give us endless inspiration for Halloween costumes) doesn’t mean they’re perfect. Sure, some (like Batman) clean up quite nicely, but others (like The Hulk) are in desperate need of a makeover,” they say. 

Their best-dressed list is topped by:

  • Batman
  • Silk Spectre II
  • Wonder Woman

At the top of Stylecaster’s worst-dressed list of superheroes you will find:

  • Robin
  • The Hulk
  • The Fantastic 4 

These days, it takes superpowers just to get through the week. So, if you’re rising above it all and sticking up for the little guy (and little gals, too), you deserve your own custom men’s suit to celebrate your heroic efforts. And our bespoke tailor in Dallas can help you design one that will put you at the top of any best-dressed list.