We’ve all heard the term the man in the white shirt dominates the room. But what about the man in the brown shoes??

Well, we love the man in the brown shoes!!

Why, you ask?

Well for one, brown is unique and can be an arrangement of shades and styles. You have more options when it comes down to the casual side. The lighter the brown is, the more casual your look is going to be. Tan is really casual, medium brown can be dressed up for work or down for the weekend, dark brown is the most formal shade of brown.When buying a brown shoe, always buy the matching belt. There is very little chance of you finding that perfect match later down the road. Black is easy, most black shoes will go with most black belts. But with so many shades of brown, you might be searching for a while.

But as many advantages as the brown shoe has, there is one thing it lacks and that’s seriousness. Black will always be considered a color of business and professionalism. You would never want to wear brown shoes to an important meeting. After all, the first impression is made in the first 7 seconds. So make it a good one.

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Brown Vs. Black Dress Shoes

Brown Shoes and Styles


Unlike most other shoes and items of menswear, the Oxford shoe has one principal defining characteristic: the lacing system. Usually there is no gap where the laces tie. Also noticed the bottom of the lacing is enclosed


The derby, like the oxford, has one defining characteristic and it is once again in the lacing system. While the oxford has a closed lacing system, the derby has an open lacing system in form of two quarters that are sewn on to the vamp


The term “Wing Tip” refers to the shape of the cap toe that looks like wings stretching across the front of the shoe. Most wing tips are Derby shoes decorated with brogue leather. While most wing tips are solid in color (mostly back or brown), two-toned date back to the 1920s (black & white). Today two-toned wingtips are once again quite popular and perfect for a smart-casual dress.


The sleeker and simpler the design the more formal it is. Also, darker colors are more formal (black being the most formal), and the less of your socks are visible the more formal the look. Loafers look great with jeans and dress pants, as well as with suits when not wearing a necktie. Common loafer variations are tasseled decorations, penny loafers, and formal pumps


The term cap toe refers to the extra layer of leather near the front of the shoes. The sleeker the design the more formal. Heavy brogue (embossing of the leather) takes away the formality but does add a more uniqueness. Depending on the style and formality, cap toed dress shoes can be worn with suits, tuxedos, and even jeans.


The term “Monk strap” refers to the buckled strap the replaces shoe laces. Monk straps come with one, two, and even three straps, are available in any color, can be made from a wide variety of different leathers, and can be cap toed as well as wingtipped. When matching the shoes, make sure that the color of the clasp Typically silver, brass, or gold) matches your belt buckle, wrist watch, and cufflinks.

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