Welcome To Our All New 2019 Newsletter


At EBC we take our job seriously! It is our responsibility to keep you informed because we know that when you look GREAT, things happen!

Here are some new trends we want you to be informed about.

Wide Lapels- Lapels are starting to go the other way. The thin lapel has been around for the past eight years plus and is now on the way out. So be looking for the wider lapel. Note, ties alway follow so they will be getting wider as well. Take A Look

Peak LapelsPeak lapels have always been associated with a double breasted suit. With lapels getting wider, we are now seeing the peak lapel on single breasted suit. Curious? Click Here

Double Breasted- First introduced in the 1930’s, Double Breasted stayed popular until the 1950’s. Making another come back in 1970 and staying around into the late 1900’s. With lapels getting wider and styles changing, the double breasted suit is also back. IT’S BACK BABY!!

3 Piece Suits- With the worlds most prestigious fabric mills leading the charge, the 3 piece suit is also making a strong come back. From solids, to windowpanes, and even plaids, the 3 piece suit is here to stay. With NEW STYLES including Notch or Peak lapels. Don’t Believe Us? Here’s a GREAT ARTICLE!

After a long week, one of Bob’s favorite restaurants, and in Dallas’s Top 10 Restaurants; Le Bilboquet, is a perfect place for a nice quiet meal. With a diverse selection of French Plates and French American Fusion, this restaurant will be the talk of the night…. apart from your new suit or sport coat. Edward is the GM tell them Bob sent you, because its only by reservation.