If someone were to ask you what kind of movies you enjoy watching, you might say action movies, science fiction or comedy. You probably wouldn’t say, “I like watching movies that feature well-dressed men.” Unless, of course, you were a bespoke tailor in Dallas at Edward Baumann Clothiers. 

We confess, we can’t help but notice the fashion statements that Hollywood’s leading men make in the movies. Their wardrobes – from chic evening wear to rugged leather – help to flesh out the character being portrayed on the Silver Screen. Film fashions have also had an impact on consumer culture and men’s off-screen style.

3 Film Icons that Inspire Style

If you are ever looking for some fashion inspiration, you may want to consider these stylish characters, drawn from The Short List’s roundup of the 30 most stylish film characters

  1. James Bond
    • It doesn’t matter whether you prefer Sean Connery or Daniel Craig, 007 knows how to dress. Even Pierce Brosnan and Roger Moore had a look that was to-die for when they took on the legendary character. “Since the Sixties, men’s style has changed dramatically. Successive youth cultures have combined to gradually relax the rules of formal attire and revolutionise how chaps dress. And yet, perversely, arguably the most stylish man on film in the last 50 years is one that is governed by the conventions of yesteryear. His name? Bond. James Bond. If you don’t find his elegance utterly bewitching then you’re probably a hipster bore. Or a Goth But not both,” the folks a The Short List say.
  2. Jim Stark (James Dean’s character in Rebel Without A Cause)
    • When it comes to casual cool, it’s hard to beat James Dean in his most iconic performance. “To this day, Stark’s ‘uniform’ – jacket, white T-shirt and jeans – denotes classic outsiderdom,” The Short List says.
  3. Philip Marlowe (Humphrey Bogart in The Big Sleep)
    • “Gentlemen; if you’re weary of the contemporary preference for all things ‘dude’ –and aspire to be a ‘proper’ man: rugged, silent, funny, tough and possessed of a magnetic appeal to members of the opposite sex, take our advice: watch Humphrey Bogart in The Big Sleep. That is all. Just watch and learn,” is the advice from the Short List. We couldn’t have said it better ourselves. 

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