Should You Wear a Tie with Your Tailored Suit?

Not surprisingly, here at Edward Baumann Clothiers, where the custom-made men’s suits, custom jeans and customer service are all exceptional, we are often asked questions about men’s fashion trends.

After one of the recent debates among the many Democratic presidential nominees, someone came in with a question. During the debate, philanthropist and entrepreneur Andrew Yang kicked off a heated controversy. It wasn’t what he said, it was because of what he was wearing – or to be precise, what he wasn’t wearing: a necktie. 

Are Neckties on the Way Out?

The simple answer is, no. But make no mistake, neckwear has evolved. Not every office job requires that men wear a tie, but there are situations where a tie is absolutely appropriate. And there are also situations where the right tie will set you apart from the crowd. 

After that presidential debate, Philadelphia Magazine asked some executives what they thought about neckties. We love the answer that Ajay Raju, chairman and CEO of Dilworth Paxson LLP, came up with. “Insofar as neckties are worn with suits, they’ll never die,” he told the magazine. “The suit and tie is eternal; it’s men’s fashion at its zenith. Sophisticated cockroaches will be wearing suits and ties after a nuclear apocalypse. It’s an ensemble that does something unique. It both conveys and commands respect. A suit says, ‘I accept that a situation demands formality and conformity,’ while a conscientiously chosen ties says, ‘But I’m still going to express myself.’ If you’ve got a decent form and/or a decent tailor, you can’t go wrong with a good suit.”

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The casual dress code adopted by the tech industry has influenced men’s fashion, but – whether you’re wearing men’s custom jeans or a custom suit crafted by the best bespoke tailor in Dallas – a well-dressed man will always command attention and respect.