Hot Under the Collar

Has the summer heat gotten to you yet? Between heat, humidity and the occasional tropical storm or hurricane, July can be a tough month. Instead of a custom-made men’s suit or even a pair of comfortably broken-in custom jeans, there are days when all you want to do is put on a pair of shorts and a T-shirt. 

When business calls, shorts and a T-shirt might be pushing it – even if it is casual Friday. Fortunately, there are summer styles that won’t leave you hot under the collar.   

Looking Cool in the Summer

This is not the time for a winter-weight black suit – even if it is a custom suit from Dallas’ leading bespoke tailor.  

If the situation calls for a suit, Brian Cornwell, who offers some tips on how to keep your cool while looking good on the website NextLuxury, suggests you consider a light grey suit “crafted in wool and linen with double vents on the rear to swoosh air up the back. Throw in a hot-climate friendly lining for good measure.”

The thought of wool might have you thinking of warm sweaters, but summer weight wools may be your best friend when Mother Nature turns up the heat. “Unlike lightweight linen, it hides wetness and manages the wrinkles better,” Cornwell says. “The reality is that wool is super absorbent, not to mention quick drying; two things you really need in the summer time.”

If your wardrobe is lacking a suit designed to keep you comfortable in the summer heat, the wardrobe consultants and bespoke tailor at Dallas’ Edward Baumann Clothiers can help with a  custom-made suit made from a Cool Wool. Also known as a summer-weight wool or tropical wool, this fabric features an open weave, which facilitates air flow.  

In addition to our distinctive custom suits, we can also give a boost to your summer wardrobe with a stylish custom-made sport coat or a cool, comfortable custom shirt.