It may have snuck up on you this year, which is completely understandable given the current circumstances, but take it from best bespoke tailor in Dallas and a true arbiter of taste, a pandemic is no excuse for letting things slide on Mother’s Day. 

In fact, as one of the wardrobe consultants available to help you find the ideal custom-made men’s suit pointed out on a recent Zoom gathering, the pressure may be even higher to deliver a memorable Mother’s Day this year. 

Gift Ideas for the Woman Who Stole Your Heart

Fortunately, your friends at Edward Baumann Clothiers have your back (and we know how to make it look its best in a tailored suit or Dallas’s finest custom jeans!)

If you would traditionally take your lady out for a family brunch or romantic dinner on Mother’s Day, you are not off the hook just because social distancing makes that impossible. If you don’t think you’re up to cooking a special meal for her (with or without the assistance of the kids) and scaring up a couple of candles, then it’s time to order curbside pickup – from her favorite restaurant. 

With all the family togetherness associated with the Covid-19 quarantine, she would probably be extremely grateful for a little alone time. Give her a basket of scented bubble bath and lotions and tuck that new book she’s been wanting to read in for good measure, then round up the kids and the dog and head out for a nice LONG walk or a drive. If it’s not possible to get the little ones out of the house, just make sure you keep them happily occupied and away from mom until she emerges from her refuge.

Of course, we think she might also appreciate seeing you in something other than your sweats or your favorite pair of old jeans – maybe something like a bespoke custom suit or maybe a custom dress shirt with a well-fitting pair of custom men’s jeans.