Normally, by now our bespoke tailor in Dallas would have produced an array of sophisticated custom-made men’s suits perfect for warm-weather wear. Of course, there is very little that is normal about life these days.

But there is hope! Things are starting to re-open and people are tentatively emerging from their isolation, blinking in the sunshine of a summer day like adorable little creatures emerging from their burrows.  

And, after months of sweatpants and old T-shirts (It might feel like years, but it has only been a matter of months since we heard a news report that didn’t feature Covid-19 prominently.), people all across this great land are ready to put on real clothes and pay attention to their appearance once again. 

Huzzah! (Which is our way of saying that we are looking forward to seeing you again soon.)

Summer Style Trends

Summer style trends were, of course, established long before we were told to stay home in order to stay safe and prevent the spread of Covid-19. But many of the looks on display at Men’s Fashion Week back in January and February seem appropriate for these strange new days.  

“Designed and produced well before the pandemic, optimistically patterned shirts and oversized shades are in high supply this season,” the style pros at  GQ magazine note. 

After months spent indoors, those shades will definitely come in handy as you emerge from your lair. And really, who couldn’t use a dose of optimism right about now?

There were also many nods to nostalgia, which we may find comforting as uncertainty continues to dog our every step.  

Among the 10 Top Fashion Trends from Men’s Fashion Week S/S 2020 that the Trendspotter picked up on at Fashion Week, were:

  • Oversized Blazers that pay homage to the ‘80s were seen on the runways. “Whether it be a pinstripe or something one color, this is a great way to put a retro spin on a modern outfit without looking too formal,” Ally Feiam of the Trendspotter says. “Pair it with a basic T-shirt or a funky button-down and jeans, and you’re going to be strutting down every street in style.”
  • High Waisted Trousers reminiscent of the 1940s are “a flattering style that comes back into fashion every few years, due to its versatility.”
  • Flared trousers and jeans will have anyone who has fond memories of the ’70s smile! “With a thin upper leg and an exaggerated ankle, these trousers are sure to make an impact anywhere you go.”

If you didn’t hold on to your favorite flares, fear not! We can create a pair of