The gentlemen who wear custom-made men’s suits from Edward Baumann Clothiers, the most sought-after bespoke tailor in Dallas, understand that a fashion fad is not at all the same thing as style. 

There are celebrities who are known for their style – like John Legend, who isn’t afraid of prints or color, but who can often be seen sporting a monochromatic look with accessories that hit just the right note. But when it comes to men’s style icons it’s hard to imagine anyone that has had more influence than Beau Brummel, the 19th century fashion-forward friend of the heir to the British throne. 

As reports, “In the 19th century’s first decade, George Bryan “Beau” Brummell dominated the London social scene, changing the course of men’s fashion in the process. Born into a wealthy family, Brummell’s sense of fashion and wit were enough to gain the friendship and patronage of the Prince of Wales (the future George IV).”

The First Man of Fashion 

It is hard to overstate the influence Beau Brummel has had on men’s fashion. As the online style guide He Spoke Style says, “There is one man who stands alone as the forefather of men’s style. The father of dandyism. The man who introduced the suit and tie. That man is none other than George Bryan Brummell, better known as Beau Brummell.”

As tells us, Brummel frowned on the gaudy colors and overdone looks that men favored in the 18th century. Brummel preferred to step out in something like a double-breasted riding coat and boot-tucked trousers. Clean lines and a restrained color palette appealed to him. “His style caught on, evolving into the muted 19th and 20th-century men’s business suit,” the experts at say. 

Just imagine what Beau Brummel would think of modern menswear if he were alive today! There are definitely fashion trends that we think would have him raising a critical eyebrow, but he would undoubtedly be right at home in the lounge or fitting rooms at Edward Baumann Clothiers, where the best-dressed men in Dallas go for fine custom suits.