Nothing looks better on the streets of Dallas with a custom-made men’s suit or a flattering pair of custom jeans than a gorgeous pair of handstitched cowboy boots. But if you’re getting down to business or heading out on the town, the town doesn’t have to be Dallas for custom-made cowboy boots to work with your bespoke custom suit

Finely made cowboy boots can work in just about any situation, just about anywhere you go. And we’re not the only ones who think that!

Cowboy Boots and Custom Suits?

You would, of course, expect those of us here at Edward Baumann to have a soft spot for cowboy boots, since we make the finest handmade boots available on the market. But we’re not the only ones who think custom-made cowboy boots add a touch of timeless style to custom men’s jeans, tailored slacks or bespoke suits.

It wasn’t long ago that GQ magazine told readers How to Take Cowboy Boots Off the Runway and onto the Street. In the article, GQ Style fashion director Mobolaji Dawodu said, “Cowboy boots go with everything, anything. I’m going to wear mine with jeans.” His choice that day was a chic pair of black Western-style boots made in lizard. 

It turns out that cowboy boots aren’t new to Dawodu. He recalled wearing them when he first arrived in New York City. He believes that cowboy boots are a timeless style statement that never goes out of style. “You might go away from cowboy boots, but cowboy boots never go away,” he said.

A brief look at some of the celebrities who have been known for looking extremely comfortable in their cowboy boots reflects the timeless nature of the style. Everyone from Arnold Schwarzenegger and Burt Reynolds to fashion designer Adam Selman and rapper ASAP Rocky has been seen sporting fashionable, finely made cowboy boots with a range of styles and looks. And from Ronald Reagan to George W. Bush, cowboy boots have even walked the hallways of the White House.

In other words, if you’re wondering if a pair of finely crafted custom cowboy boots would look good with the custom-made suit you just ordered from Dallas’ bespoke tailor Edward Baumann, the answer is a resounding yes.