Bob Baumann
Bob BaumannOwner & Founder
Being in the industry for over 25 years, Bob Baumann is passionate as he is knowledgable. Bob’s extreme drive serves as the backbone for EBC’s success.
Laura Baumann
Laura BaumannDirector of Corporate Logo Apparel & Gifts
Bob’s wife, Laura, handles all aspects of the corporate logo apparel and gifts for EBC. Laura has been extremely successful in providing specific and unique services for a multitude of different corporations and businesses.

Our Valuable Team Members

Melissa Pursley
Melissa PursleyDirector of Client Services
Since 2014, Melissa serves as the essential line of communication between us and our clients. Working smoothly and seamlessly, Melissa serves to make the clients’ experience as convenient and fruitful as possible.
Dimitri Sowa
Dimitri SowaMaster Tailor
Equipped with a massive arsenal of alteration knowledge and experience, Dimitri serves as EBC’s all-around master tailor. We demand a standard of excellence to insure our clients have a memorable experience with EBC and Dimitri does an outstanding job and making sure all alteration needs are always met.
Andrew Uriarte
Andrew UriarteDigital Media Manager
Serving as a digital media extraordinaire, Andrew single-handedly controls all of EBC’s digital impressions across the web. From social media to web design, Andrew is EBC’s multitasking digital swiss army knife.
Jessica Sanchez
Jessica SanchezCustomer Care Specialist
Handling all affairs related to receiving inventory, customer’s orders and sending out our products, Jessica does a fantastic job of insuring all items are handled with the utmost care and expertise.