Bob Baumann


Bob Baumann, the founder of Edward Baumann Clothiers is now celebrating 25 years of business.  He is a passionate visionary, a meticulous artist and leader in the clothing industry who understands the impact of being impeccably dressed and has the stunning ability to help his clients accomplish this.

Bob started this business for one simple reason, men hate to shop! Like most of you, his experience as a customer was disappointing. So he decided to create something different, a place that men would enjoy visiting. The result was nothing you would expect and everything you would want from a men’s clothing store.

Edward Baumann Clothiers is a relaxed environment where men feel welcome. It is a place where relationships and trust are built on honesty and sincerity and where customers are friends. Bob’s goal, along with his tailor-made team, is to create moments and memories by focusing on how they might be able to enhance your life. They understand you’re making an important investment with them and it is their responsibility to repay that trust by offering the finest products and service in the industry. We invite you to come in and experience it for yourself.

Bob has been featured on CNN News, The Oprah Winfrey Show, Entrepreneur Magazine, Success Magazine and many other fine publications. He served on the board of the Custom Tailor and Design Association for over three years and was a recent keynote speaker for their annual convention. Clients include some of the most successful and influential businessmen and professionals.

Mission Statement

Edward Baumann Clothiers is dedicated to building customer relationships through heartfelt employees redefining expectations that will create a unique personal style experience.

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